Really understanding customer needs is the key to the success of an organization

Customer Satisfaction

'The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.'
Peter Drucker, writer and management consultant

Customer SatisfactionExcellent organisations know that customers are their primary reason for being and strive to innovate and create value for them by understanding and anticipating their needs and expectations.

We can help your organisation raise its customer satisfaction levels with a wide range of resources:

Achievement Award for Customer Satisfaction

Get recognised for your organisation's outstanding commitment to delivering great customer service with this category in our annual Achievement Awards. Previous winners include DPD UK, Virgin Trains and Westfield Contributory Health Scheme.

Case studies

Case studies

Find out more about other organisations' approach to delivering customer satisfaction with our case studies.

EFQM Excellence Model

Used by thousands of organisations across Europe, the EFQM Excellence Model is is a practical, non-prescriptive framework that enables organisations to improve their performance and achieve sustainable excellence.

EFQM Levels of Excellence

EFQM Levels of Excellence programme

The EFQM Levels of Excellence is an international recognition programme for performance improvement which offers opportunities for real business improvement to all organisations, regardless of size, location or sector. 


The Customer Experience Networking Group enables you to share good practice and hear about the latest developments from expert speakers. Events are structured as sharing and learning opportunities, focusing on particular aspects of managing for excellence.

Adding Value for Customers - MBS research Volume 2


Adding Value for Customers offers cutting edge insights into techniques and processes which will help any business add value for its customers. It is the second part of the five volume report, How to achieve and sustain outstanding levels of performance, which we commissioned from Manchester Business School (MBS) to examine contemporary business practices to further develop understanding of what excellence looks and feels like, and how it benefits business.


Customer Experience is one of the subjects covered in our workshop programme. This workshop explores the importance of deeply understanding your customers' needs and how to align your organisation to deliver an excellent customer experience.

Find out more

Find out more

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